Freitag, 10. Februar 2017

Knitting and dolls

2016 really was a somehow happy-weird year for me! I moved to Berlin to be closer to the biggest part of my family and this ment a new job, which was in some cases not very satisfying, also very time consuming and not what it supposed to be at the end. 

And despite the fact that my dolls & toys are giving me a lot joy, I was looking for something more creative to calm down, relax and get back my design-mojo. And this led back to one of my hobbies I love since I am a teenager: Knitting. 

Sadly for the dolls I do not knit doll things any longer and more sadly they sit bored on the dolly shelf at the moment...

But this does not mean I will not write about dolls & toys here any longer. Maybe when the wheather is nicer & warmer (it's freaking cold in Berlin at the moment) I will take one of them for some more episodes of Blythe Berlin again

So see you then, yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin

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