Mittwoch, 9. August 2017

Berlin sight seeing with Mischa

A while ago I took Mischa, wearing a special Berlin outfit, with me to see some of the well known Berlin sight seeing locations... and today I was finally in the mood for a new blogpost ;)

 Want to come with us? Enjoy!!

First we arrived at Alexander Platz where we visited the famous Weltzeituhr - which the alert reader can see also is part of the awesome Skull maiden helmet Mischa was wearing

After that we saw the so called new market - Neuer Markt, behind the Berlin TV tower - Fernsehturm. It has a lovely fountain and a nice view to the Berlin Cathedral - Berliner Dom and the huge building site of the Humboldt Forum - the new Berliner Schloß

From there we went to the Statue of Marx and Engels. Look how small Mischa was... I think she was a bit afraid of the big hand

On the Museums-Insel next to the Old Museum - Altes Museum and Lustgarten, we found a mini Berlin Cathedral nearly in Mischa's size :D 

On the Bode-Straße-bridge Mischa saw an angel...

We both were very exhausted after all the Berlin sight seeing, but we will sure show you more of Berlin in the future

And here you can see the complete outfit: The Skull Maiden Berlin helmet and the matching Ampelmann dress made by me, especially for this occasion: 

Have a nice week, yours Nicola

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