Donnerstag, 22. März 2018

Dollily handmade or FINALLY finished!

Last summer I was in the mood to make something for my neglected Blythe dolls again and started to knit some tops for dresses... finished the pink dress with the fawns on it... gave it to my dear dolly friend Schneckiene when she came for a short visit to Berlin... 

and the other three tops went into my stash, hanging around with some other unfinished things I brought with me from Minden to Berlin... unbelievable, but true!

But when I wrote this post I had the wilful intent to finally finish all things in my stash before I start something new... 

I even managed to finally sew some buttons on a Secretdoll Person dress & helmet I knitted ... really a while ago ;)

So *YEAH* for me and the FOs -> Finished objects :D

Now I am planning to sew some Spring-dresses and something 70s for a special Blythe doll, I will give myself for my birthday in April...

Some other good news; my Pretty Peony landed in Berlin after WEEKS and I will go to the custom tomorrow to pick her up! Excitement!! EDIT: it wasn't Pretty Peony and so the wait is still going on :( 

Have a nice day, yours Nicola aka Blythe Berlin - yearning for SPRING

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