Swap & trade

I love to swap and trade!

I would like to swap (or trade) some of my self made things like helmets, dresses, etc. for your Blythe designer fashion or helmets like:

-Mimsy bear helmet
-Megipupu overalls, wrap dresses, knit wear
-The future fashion
-Moshi moshi fashion
... or others

Just make me an offer :) More of my work here at my flickr account

If you are interested, please let me know: lolottchen:at:gmail.com ( :at: = @ )

Thank you!


Trisha hat gesagt…

I dont have anything to trade, I just wanted to tell you how stinkin' adorable these carriers are. Ive seen them before, but NOT THIS CUTE!

blythe_berlin hat gesagt…

Thanks a lot dear Trisha :)

Hugs, Nicola